Wednesday, July 25, 2007

XBOX 360 Price Cut?

"Next month Microsoft will cut the price of the Xbox 360 in the States by $50, in time for the release of Bioshock and Blue Dragon, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the publication's retail source the reduction will be made on August 8, which it notes is traditionally a quiet time of the year for hardware sales.

The timing of the cut is significant, notes the reporter, because it's also days before the release of EA's latest Madden, which sells like Special Brew to tramps in the US. Of course it'd also come after Sony's PS3 price reduction earlier this month, where it slashed $100 (£49 GBP) off of the 60GB model."

We will find out soon enough if this is true, but others say a price cut will happen in November after Halo 3 and GTAIV, but before Mass Effect.

MaxConsole says that a price cut will be coming in August at $100 for each SKU...

"According to internet reports, a major Canadian retailer has confirmed that the Xbox 360 is set to receice an Official $100 price drop across all Skus as of August 1st. That will mean that the Xbox 360 core will retail for $199 (with a pack in memory unit) and be even cheaper than the Wii at $249 USD.

A look at what the market would like like with the proposed price cut

- Xbox 360 core, $199 USD (with included memory unit)
- Nintendo Wii, $249 USD
- Xbox 360 Premium, $299 USD
- Xbox 360 Elite, $399 USD
- PS3, $599 USD"

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mass Effect Release Month Announced

The month for my most anticipated game of the year has been announced. Mass Effect is from BioWare the creators of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. This is the all new RPG from them. It was rumored to have been pushed back to '08 after we had heard a release date maybe before E3. This had many of us worried we may have to wait to Febuary or March to play Mass Effect. Some people thought that because of all the game Microsoft has coming out this year for their Xbox 360 console that they would have to push the date back so they do not compete with other 360 games coming out.

Some Screens From Mass Effect:

Thursday, July 5, 2007

PS3 PRICE DROP CONFIRMED!@!@!@!21 [Now unconfirmed read the bottom for an update.. Now two updates]


The only version of the PS3 will now only cost $499 still double the price of the Wii and still $20 more than the 360 Elite. Not sure how good of a move this is on Sony's part since they already losing somwhere around $200 per console sold. Now they'll lose $300 per console sold. Have to check into the truth in those two numbers, but I'm 100% sure they lose money on each console sold. Truthfully instead of dropping the price they should be releasing some AAA first party titles or keeping their exclusives... well exclusive. If M$... I mean Microsoft also announces a price cut at the upcoming E3. This will be horrible news for Sony because they will still be around the same difference in price percentage wise (if the Microsoft price cut is that big and happens) and Sony will be losing even more money per console sold... Right now they need GAMES TO COME OUT TO MAKE MONEY... and as you can see they don't have that many games coming out and few of them are exclusives...
Originally Posted by Soap of Evil Avatar forums: I think the NGage had a better games selection than the PS3 (currently).
Yeah, I went there.

With Microsoft's new 3yr warranty and that possible price drop will help 360 sales. We will see soon enough what will happen in this Console War.


July 6 (Bloomberg) -- Sony Corp., the world's biggest maker of game consoles, said it has no current plans to lower the price of the PlayStation 3 after gaming Web sites reported some U.S. retailers will offer discounts from next week.

``We have no immediate plans as of now'' for price cuts, President Ryoji Chubachi said today in an interview in Tokyo. Any change in the console's price ``is a matter'' for Sony's game unit, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., he said.

A price cut would help spur sales of Sony's $599 console, which has trailed Nintendo Co.'s Wii since the players were introduced late last year. Sony said in May that higher sales and lower production costs will help reduce losses at the game division by almost 80 percent this fiscal year to 50 billion yen ($405 million) after a record loss.

Web sites including GameDaily and CAGCAST Video Games reported that PlayStation 3 consoles will be sold at Circuit City Stores Inc. branches from July 12 at $499, with some citing an unidentified ``merchandising manager at one of the world's biggest retailers.''

``It is hard to imagine that Circuit City alone would cut the price on a game consoles,'' said David Abrams, chief executive officer at CAGCAST, an online game retailer in Tokyo. ``This must be a retail-wide move.''

Bill Cimino, a spokesman for Circuit City, the second- largest U.S. consumer-electronics chain, declined to comment on the report. After-hour calls to Best Buy Co. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. weren't returned.

Daisuke Nakata, a Tokyo-based spokesman at Sony Computer, said the company doesn't comment on its price strategy.

Shares of Sony rose 1.2 percent to 6,540 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Its Frankfurt-traded stock recently rose 1.5 percent to the equivalent of 6,521 yen.


So now Sony there is no price drop... though there may still likely be the announcement of a price drop during E3... Won't be the first or last time a company has denied something only for it to happen(DS lite and 360 Elite), but it would be the one happening the soonest... Since the price drop was only 6 days away from this update to this post.

Very soon we will know if this price drop will happen...

New Update

A new Circuit City ad is saying there is a PS3 price cut.

According to this ad the price cut start July 15th after E3. Though according to this ad the price cut is only temporary and may only be for Circuit City


The price drop is now officially confirmed the 60GB PS3 is now $499, but a new 80GB PS3 will cost $599. Some people think that the 60Gb will be removed from the lineup like the 20GB PS3, but according to Sony this will not happen.


Sony has now said that the 60GB PS3 will be phased out when they run out of them.

Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for DS

A older game, but some like me (until recently) have yet to play this game. Game starts with you about to start trial to defend your friend Larry. In this part you learn the basics of the game like how to press testimonies and present evidence to find contradictions in testimonies. This trial is rather easy to do especially with the help of Mia. This first trial ends rather fast and gets you ready for your future cases.

During all your other trials you will have to examine the crime scene, and talk to witnesses in advance. Allowing you to be readier for trials and letting you find the evidence needed rather than having your evidence already in your court record. You will find evidence in a slew of places, talk to witnesses to find the truth behind the crimes you are the defense attorney for. The gameplay works well with the stylus to let you pinpoint areas in crime scenes to examine and to find something wrong with the evidence. In the last mission their is a new mechanic added that lets you examine evidence for what is written on it and stuff like that. The game has some nice writting that may make you laugh at it. Overall I like the game a lot it gets you thinking and may even stump you at some points in the game.

Overall I'm giving this game a 8.2 out of 10.

Little extra snipet... I'm playing the sequel now and it is pretty much the same thing... so probably not going to review it. It's as much fun as the first... can't wait for the third installment coming sometime soon. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tenchu Z Review for Xbox 360

Let's start at the beginning... time to create your ninja. The customization at this first creation has no depth whats so ever. Just pick whatever, because you can have a more depth of an edit after you create your character; which in my opinion is just stupid. After creating your character you create your sidekick, which will be the opposite gender of your character. What she looks like doesn't matter that much, for a different reason... that reason is the sidekick only appears in cut scenes and only there.

You enter your ninja village... there you can change your ability's which are strength, vitality, and agility. You really don't need to edit this, because you can beat the missions without them. You can also purchase skills and secret arts, which are also not really needed to beat the game. You can also equip items (which you need to do before each mission) and buy items (these range from healing potions, shuriken, blowpipe, and smoke bombs) these aren't really needed if you are stealthy enough to avoid confrontation... even if confronted you don't need smoke bombs or anything to get away and hide to wait out the guards' awareness of you before they forget they ever saw you.

You select missions from Rikimaru which you may remember from other Tenchu games. Most missions involve assassinating a greedy merchant, shameful monk, corrupt official, or a restaurant lady. You will probably play the same area more than once depending on how many missions you play. There are other mission types like finding bombs or some type of document.

Once in the mission you can watch from rooftops the guards paths, when you know the path you can drop down and assassinate them. You do not need to drop right behind them you can run behind them with your sword drawn and most of times they will not notice you. You'll be surprised if they do notice them. Other guards won't always notice unless you get really close in front of them. They will not give a second thought if they see a fellow guard's dead body. If you are seen just jump over a wall or onto a rooftop and wait for a bit and you will be forgotten. This bad A.I. really hurts this game.

A saving point for this game from beginning horrible is 4 player co-op over xbox live or system link.

This is more a rent for people just looking for something to play other than Darkness , Froza, or Overlord right now.

Overall I'd give this game a 5.6 out of 10.


Just watched the video(at the bottom of this post) and it made me want Rock Band so badly now. Looks like it's going to be a kick ass game. The drum set looks nice and will be fun to play. Only bad thing will be the price. Here is a link to an IGN Rock Band Hand's on.

"At the Under the Radar conference in Mountain View, Calif., MTV Networks' Jeff Yapp shows his company's role in virtual worlds now and in the future. He also gives a glimpse of the new game Rock Band."

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Review for Blitz: The League for Xbox 360

Hike! Quarterback looks around, scrambles out of the pocket dodges a defender, breaks another tackle, and then dodges a third defender. He looks down the field throws the ball up... the receiver sees it he goes up for the catch and grabs it. The receiver runs as fast as he can towards the endzone, but from behind a defender grabs him and swings him around causing a fumble...

In Blitz the up above scene is probably familiar to you. Especially the Quarterback dodging defenders. When I was playing it seemed like every time I would get a chance at a sack the QB would just sidestep my guys. Not a problem, but it got annoying after awhile.

Let's talk about the campaign mode some. It starts with you finding out that the team you have is going to be re-made. You pick a team name, location, and logo. You design the uniforms and pick a stadium. This level of design isn't in depth that much, but for Blitz it's enough. Then, you start building your team; you pick your 'rookie' which is an offensive player and your 'veteran' which is a defensive player. You pick coaches and your teams strategy.

Time for a game... who gets the football first is determined randomly. Kicking the ball consist of pressing a combination of buttons. This is very simple and makes kicking almost too easy, especially in long distance field goal situations. The kickoff will happen and your player will catch the ball. You start up field and the defender gets you with a dirty hit. A dirty hit is Blitz's way of trying to be more extreme. The dirty is something like the defender grabbing your player and punching him in the face or swinging your player around. Dirty hits can cause injuries and fumbles. You'll probably try and use dirty hits for each of your tackles instead of the normal tackle... because of the greater chance of fumbling and injuries without much risk of missing.

Offense time... you pick a play and sometimes get a 'cutscene' of the defense or offense. You hike the ball and you see a defender coming in... no problem time for a clash dodge. You'll usually if not always side step the defender. To be able to use clash you have to gain yards and make plays. You throw the ball to your receiver and makes the catch. If you want you can even make a clash catch and the ball won't get intercepted ever according to the game. Let's run the ball now... the ball is snapped your RB crosses the line of scrimmage and his hit almost immediately. Running the ball in the game is useless ... unless you can clash dodge defenders every time you run, you have little chance of gaining yards with the run. This is pretty much how offense is run. When you score you get to hit 3 buttons for the extra point.

Defense involves of trying to sack the quarterback with a dirty hit and causing a fumble (if you can even tackle him), tackling WRs before they can catch the ball, and trying to intercept the ball. The plays you can call on defense aren't that varied. You either blitz a couple guys, have man coverage with some zone, or all zone. The play you pick doesn't matter that much on defense. You could call the same play every time against the computer and probably stop them most of the time.

If your player gets injured in a game you can other 'treat' them which takes longer, but safer than your alternative of 'juicing' them. This can change a 2 quarter injury into a two play one or a 4 game injury into a 5 play one. The chance of the player getting re injured is very high if you juice them.

For the campaign mode you can bet money on games, which will be spent on buying equipment and drugs for your players. You can train your players in different categories like speed, throw power, and hands. You can also give them drugs to make them better as well. Different types of drugs that do a variety of things. If your players get caught 'juicing' your team will be fined. While playing the game you will unlock awards, which range from magazine covers to trophies.

Overall the game is a fun alternative to Madden, but lacks in diversity.

I give this game a 6.7 out of 10.