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PS3 PRICE DROP CONFIRMED!@!@!@!21 [Now unconfirmed read the bottom for an update.. Now two updates]


The only version of the PS3 will now only cost $499 still double the price of the Wii and still $20 more than the 360 Elite. Not sure how good of a move this is on Sony's part since they already losing somwhere around $200 per console sold. Now they'll lose $300 per console sold. Have to check into the truth in those two numbers, but I'm 100% sure they lose money on each console sold. Truthfully instead of dropping the price they should be releasing some AAA first party titles or keeping their exclusives... well exclusive. If M$... I mean Microsoft also announces a price cut at the upcoming E3. This will be horrible news for Sony because they will still be around the same difference in price percentage wise (if the Microsoft price cut is that big and happens) and Sony will be losing even more money per console sold... Right now they need GAMES TO COME OUT TO MAKE MONEY... and as you can see they don't have that many games coming out and few of them are exclusives...
Originally Posted by Soap of Evil Avatar forums: I think the NGage had a better games selection than the PS3 (currently).
Yeah, I went there.

With Microsoft's new 3yr warranty and that possible price drop will help 360 sales. We will see soon enough what will happen in this Console War.


July 6 (Bloomberg) -- Sony Corp., the world's biggest maker of game consoles, said it has no current plans to lower the price of the PlayStation 3 after gaming Web sites reported some U.S. retailers will offer discounts from next week.

``We have no immediate plans as of now'' for price cuts, President Ryoji Chubachi said today in an interview in Tokyo. Any change in the console's price ``is a matter'' for Sony's game unit, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., he said.

A price cut would help spur sales of Sony's $599 console, which has trailed Nintendo Co.'s Wii since the players were introduced late last year. Sony said in May that higher sales and lower production costs will help reduce losses at the game division by almost 80 percent this fiscal year to 50 billion yen ($405 million) after a record loss.

Web sites including GameDaily and CAGCAST Video Games reported that PlayStation 3 consoles will be sold at Circuit City Stores Inc. branches from July 12 at $499, with some citing an unidentified ``merchandising manager at one of the world's biggest retailers.''

``It is hard to imagine that Circuit City alone would cut the price on a game consoles,'' said David Abrams, chief executive officer at CAGCAST, an online game retailer in Tokyo. ``This must be a retail-wide move.''

Bill Cimino, a spokesman for Circuit City, the second- largest U.S. consumer-electronics chain, declined to comment on the report. After-hour calls to Best Buy Co. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. weren't returned.

Daisuke Nakata, a Tokyo-based spokesman at Sony Computer, said the company doesn't comment on its price strategy.

Shares of Sony rose 1.2 percent to 6,540 yen on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Its Frankfurt-traded stock recently rose 1.5 percent to the equivalent of 6,521 yen.


So now Sony there is no price drop... though there may still likely be the announcement of a price drop during E3... Won't be the first or last time a company has denied something only for it to happen(DS lite and 360 Elite), but it would be the one happening the soonest... Since the price drop was only 6 days away from this update to this post.

Very soon we will know if this price drop will happen...

New Update

A new Circuit City ad is saying there is a PS3 price cut.

According to this ad the price cut start July 15th after E3. Though according to this ad the price cut is only temporary and may only be for Circuit City


The price drop is now officially confirmed the 60GB PS3 is now $499, but a new 80GB PS3 will cost $599. Some people think that the 60Gb will be removed from the lineup like the 20GB PS3, but according to Sony this will not happen.


Sony has now said that the 60GB PS3 will be phased out when they run out of them.

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