Thursday, July 5, 2007

Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for DS

A older game, but some like me (until recently) have yet to play this game. Game starts with you about to start trial to defend your friend Larry. In this part you learn the basics of the game like how to press testimonies and present evidence to find contradictions in testimonies. This trial is rather easy to do especially with the help of Mia. This first trial ends rather fast and gets you ready for your future cases.

During all your other trials you will have to examine the crime scene, and talk to witnesses in advance. Allowing you to be readier for trials and letting you find the evidence needed rather than having your evidence already in your court record. You will find evidence in a slew of places, talk to witnesses to find the truth behind the crimes you are the defense attorney for. The gameplay works well with the stylus to let you pinpoint areas in crime scenes to examine and to find something wrong with the evidence. In the last mission their is a new mechanic added that lets you examine evidence for what is written on it and stuff like that. The game has some nice writting that may make you laugh at it. Overall I like the game a lot it gets you thinking and may even stump you at some points in the game.

Overall I'm giving this game a 8.2 out of 10.

Little extra snipet... I'm playing the sequel now and it is pretty much the same thing... so probably not going to review it. It's as much fun as the first... can't wait for the third installment coming sometime soon. :)

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