Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tenchu Z Review for Xbox 360

Let's start at the beginning... time to create your ninja. The customization at this first creation has no depth whats so ever. Just pick whatever, because you can have a more depth of an edit after you create your character; which in my opinion is just stupid. After creating your character you create your sidekick, which will be the opposite gender of your character. What she looks like doesn't matter that much, for a different reason... that reason is the sidekick only appears in cut scenes and only there.

You enter your ninja village... there you can change your ability's which are strength, vitality, and agility. You really don't need to edit this, because you can beat the missions without them. You can also purchase skills and secret arts, which are also not really needed to beat the game. You can also equip items (which you need to do before each mission) and buy items (these range from healing potions, shuriken, blowpipe, and smoke bombs) these aren't really needed if you are stealthy enough to avoid confrontation... even if confronted you don't need smoke bombs or anything to get away and hide to wait out the guards' awareness of you before they forget they ever saw you.

You select missions from Rikimaru which you may remember from other Tenchu games. Most missions involve assassinating a greedy merchant, shameful monk, corrupt official, or a restaurant lady. You will probably play the same area more than once depending on how many missions you play. There are other mission types like finding bombs or some type of document.

Once in the mission you can watch from rooftops the guards paths, when you know the path you can drop down and assassinate them. You do not need to drop right behind them you can run behind them with your sword drawn and most of times they will not notice you. You'll be surprised if they do notice them. Other guards won't always notice unless you get really close in front of them. They will not give a second thought if they see a fellow guard's dead body. If you are seen just jump over a wall or onto a rooftop and wait for a bit and you will be forgotten. This bad A.I. really hurts this game.

A saving point for this game from beginning horrible is 4 player co-op over xbox live or system link.

This is more a rent for people just looking for something to play other than Darkness , Froza, or Overlord right now.

Overall I'd give this game a 5.6 out of 10.

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