Wednesday, July 25, 2007

XBOX 360 Price Cut?

"Next month Microsoft will cut the price of the Xbox 360 in the States by $50, in time for the release of Bioshock and Blue Dragon, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the publication's retail source the reduction will be made on August 8, which it notes is traditionally a quiet time of the year for hardware sales.

The timing of the cut is significant, notes the reporter, because it's also days before the release of EA's latest Madden, which sells like Special Brew to tramps in the US. Of course it'd also come after Sony's PS3 price reduction earlier this month, where it slashed $100 (£49 GBP) off of the 60GB model."

We will find out soon enough if this is true, but others say a price cut will happen in November after Halo 3 and GTAIV, but before Mass Effect.

MaxConsole says that a price cut will be coming in August at $100 for each SKU...

"According to internet reports, a major Canadian retailer has confirmed that the Xbox 360 is set to receice an Official $100 price drop across all Skus as of August 1st. That will mean that the Xbox 360 core will retail for $199 (with a pack in memory unit) and be even cheaper than the Wii at $249 USD.

A look at what the market would like like with the proposed price cut

- Xbox 360 core, $199 USD (with included memory unit)
- Nintendo Wii, $249 USD
- Xbox 360 Premium, $299 USD
- Xbox 360 Elite, $399 USD
- PS3, $599 USD"

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